How to Fix Your Cuban Cigar

Absolutely nothing can be as frustrating as saving a few of your favorite cigars back for a later date, and then returning to find your prized smokes damaged.

They can become damaged whenever we receive them from buddies within the mail, or simply placing them in a bag for a weekend getaway with liked people.

This often leads to a peeling wrapper or a handful of small cracks, but with a little patience and care that cigar might be repaired and that potentially ruined cigar is once again smoke-able. Read on below to learn everything you will need and what steps you’ll need to simply take to repair that Monte Cristo cigar… Everything you shall need:

Item 1

Box 100% normal Pectin this could easily be found in the supermarket

Item 2

a small container of some sorts  such as  the lid up to  a soda bottle

Item 3

An amount that is small of

Item 4

1 Toothpick

Item 5

a small quantity of donor tobacco to utilize being  a patch


Direction: Step One

Place a measure that is small of water into the soda bottle cap

Step 2

Add a small amount of pectin and blend with toothpick Step 3

Apply pectin with toothpick to both the cigar and donor cigarette

Step 4

Apply area, hit solidly and remove any wrinkles

Step 5

Allow pectin to dry for around 1 minute then enjoy your repaired cigar


The essential common issue when smoking your Partagas cigar is ‘canoeing’, this is actually the most usual burn problem and that can be identified as soon as the burn edge has no-cost training course and burns through one region of the cigar. It seems like the cigar ended up being divided in to two parts and only one part is burning precisely.

You are able to prevent this issue by paying awareness of the burn line which will be larger on a single side than on the other side. This generally indicates your stick is getting ultimately more heated on that relative part and it also may flare up faster.

You can easily remedy this by slowing the cigarette smoking tempo. Be careful to simply take more infrequent and gentle puffs. This may result in cooling the superheated cigar’s side which, in its change, will level the burn along the end regarding the stogie. Just in case you have this issue, you can apart put your stick and allow it get cool. Since this happens, have a cigar cutter to cut the end from it. Hence you shall manage to begin your smoking cigarettes once more. After that, draw through the cigar to remove all chemical substances that may occur truth be told there due to the burning. And, finally, light it once again to savor the smoke.

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