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An Education in Botox

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There’s a home store near where I live call Bed, Bath & Beyond. Their stuff is a bit pricey, but it’s a nice place to go with the family every now and then to do some dreaming. My wife and I like to dream about all the elaborate renovations we’ll do on our house come summer and the windfall we imagine will one day happen.


Windfalls, like a lottery win, are a dream that for most of us will never materialize. The idea of unearned capital is compartmentalized into our occasional stress-relieving flights of fantasy in home stores and nothing more. Though I remain an unashamed idealist, I prefer to spend my days making the fortune reality through hard work, education and dedication.


By education, I don’t just mean going to school. Though many paths to success and happiness can transit a university or college program, it isn’t necessarily the only route. I have many friends, colleagues and acquaintances that carved out their slice of the American Dream through an entrepreneurial spirit and a good idea.


You don’t need a degree in economics to see a need and dedicate yourself to the provision of that need. All people require, in my opinion, is just to be tenacious (or obsessed) and a bit lucky.


For me, I think that setting myself up in a profitable career took one part obsession, one part schooling and a wee bit of the good ol’ luck of the Irish.

Medical aesthetics

I am a nurse. I went to a good college and dropped the requisite small fortune to come out with a marketable skill that was in high demand. Not only did I find a profitable career, but I found fulfillment in my work. I like caring for others and being part of a profession with a sterling reputation. Respect counts for a lot, but, it just doesn’t pay for an indoor pool, or a solid college fund for your kids.


Like millions of other American citizens, I sought more for myself and my family. And, recently, I think I found it.


Through a bit of that aforementioned luck, an opportunity to learn an innovative new skill set presented itself to me, and I took advantage to become a medical aesthetician.

Medical aesthetics and Botox

I came across a training course that would, in one day, show me how to inject Botox and other fillers, including PRP (platelet-rich plasma) and to market and deliver this treatment as a stand-alone business.


You likely already know that Botox is a natural substance that, when injected, temporarily paralyzes muscles, thereby having beneficial medical and aesthetic effects. What you might not know is that a similar therapy, PRP, is also available. PRP is a formula derived from a person’s own blood which, when injected, actually speeds healing  and removes lines and wrinkles.


I started delivering these treatments as a family-run business this year, after completing a one-day botox training program.


I earn a good deal more than I did in my old day job. I certainly still work hard, but I enjoy it, and the benefits are a great incentive.


If you’re a professional in my field, I highly recommend you check out a course like Dentox, where you can build your capacity and enrich your career and personal life, all while improving the lives of others!


Reference: https://dentox.com/botox-edu-news